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RsiefSystem Overview

What is RSIEF?

REACH Substance Information Exchange Forum (RSIEF) is your REACH compliance assistant. Our aim is to facilitate the steps of data gathering and communication with downstream and upstream users throughout the supply chains, and secure and record online document transferring such as SDS with the assistance of the system.

RSIEF Benefits to OR

  • Supply Chain Management

    RSIEF is a multi-level management system. Non-EU manufacturer can log on the system, imput its supply chains to be covered by OR’s (pre-)registrations, and update its export quantity and other relevant information at any time; whilst OR can manage all the supply chain related information easily and efficiently.
  • SDS Transferring

    SDS can be uploaded to and downloaded from RSIEF, and can be transferred by sending an email generated by the system with a download link to DU. And all you transferring actions will be recorded by the system.
  • Best Tool to Determine the Obligations between the Importers and OR

    As an OR, you may find it difficult to determine the obligations between the importers and OR. RSIEF is the best tool to solve the problem. The non-EU manufacturer can designate its supply chains which need to be covered by OR’s (pre-)registrations, and these supply chains will be approved after receiving confirmation letter from the importers.

Contact Us

To find out more about RSIEF services, please contact us through


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